Welcome to our new Vice President/President Elect!

Welcome to Abby Baines. She has stepped into the demanding role as Vice President/President Elect of NETSL. She is the Systems & Discovery Librarian at Hampshire College.

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NETSL 2017​ Annual Spring Conference Call for Lightning Talks

Have a project or some research you’ve recently completed and want to share? The NETSL Executive Board is looking for presenters to give lightning talks (7-minute presentations) on technical services related subjects.

Speakers who give a lightning talk will receive complimentary registration to the 2017 NETSL Conference.

The NETSL Annual Spring Conference will be held Friday May 5, 2017 at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.  Stay tuned for details on the keynote and theme.

Deadline to propose a talk: Friday, April 7, 2017

Submit a talk proposal to Outreach Officer, Amy Dittman, by emailing amy(dot)dumouchel(at)bc(dot)edu

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Correction to the 2017 NETSL Award

Please note that the 2017 NETSL Conference will be held on Friday May 5, not Tuesday May 9, as this post initially stated.

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New England Technical Services Librarian Award  ​ for Excellence in Library Technical Services

New England Technical Services Librarians is calling for nominations for their annual award.

Possible nominees would be technical services librarians who live in New England, and:

  • Lead the way in innovating or collaborating in the field,
  • Have inspired you,
  • Are triumphing over challenges in the field of technical services,
  • Or, put the service element in Tech Services

To nominate them, complete this form. They do not need to belong to NELA or participate in NETSL to be eligible.

The successful nominee will receive their award at the annual conference, held on May 5, 2017.
More information can be found on the NETSL Award Page.

Please send any questions to Amy Dittman — amy(dot)dumouchel(at)bc(dot)edu.

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Congratulations to the new NETSL Executive Board members!

Congratulations to the new NETSL Executive Board member!

The results are in and here is the NETSL 2016-2017 Executive Board. Welcome new members and welcome back to continuing members. The new board term starts in October. Congratulations to all!

  • President – Kari Swanson, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Past Presidents – Christine Fernsebner Eslao, Harvard University & Tachtorn (Wheat) Meier, Yale University
  • Vice President/President Elect – Cason Snow, University of Maine
  • Secretary – Meghan Banach Bergin, University of Massachusetts
  • Treasurer – Yukari Sugiyama, Yale University
  • Archivist – Elise Daniel, University of New Hampshire
  • Outreach Officer – Amy Dittman, Boston College
  • Local Arrangements – Mary Moran, College of the Holy Cross
  • Members-at-Large – Beata Panagopoulos, Suffolk University

The NETSL Board is currently looking to fill a new executive board position: NETSL Student Member At-Large, whose term would begin at the NELA Annual Conference in late October. For a description of this position, please see our , please see our announcement. Please spread the word to library and information science students that you work with, teach, or mentor. Please direct nominations (including self-nominations) to William Shakalis at wshakalis@worcester.edu.



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Voting opens for 2016/2017 Netsl Executive Board

Voting opens for 2016/2017 NETSL Executive Board

It’s time to vote for elected positions on the NETSL 2016/2017 Executive Board. Voting is open to NETSL members only so be on the lookout for an email with a link to vote! Balloting will begin on July 18th, 2016 and end on August 19, 2016.

New Board members will be announced in late August.

The NETSL Board thanks you for voting!

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MLS student in technical services – NETSL Board position

The NETSL board is pleased to announce a new executive board position: NETSL Student Member-At-Large.

Any library student enrolled in a library or information science degree program is eligible for nomination. The prospective representative will serve for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years, and receive valuable experience behind the scenes in organizing a professional conference, and help our organization keep a more diverse range of experiences in mind when planning programming for an ever-changing profession. We do not expect the person to be a library school student for the duration of the term.

The NETSL Student Member-At-Large position description is as follows:

  1. Appointed position, serves one year.
  2. Suggest, volunteer, and take point on new projects and initiatives as they occur.
  3. Provide support to board members in order to evenly distribute workload.
  4. With the rest of the board, participates in planning the NETSL Spring Conference and the NETSL programs for the NELA Annual Conference and soliciting nominees for NETSL offices and for receipt of the NETSL Award for Excellence in Technical Services.

We’d like your help to reach out to the promising librarians-in-training that you work with in your institutions or in classrooms.

Please email your nominee’s name, school affiliation, and email address, and we’ll be in touch to gauge their interest in this opportunity. Contact: Amy Dittman at amy.dittman@bc.edu

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