NETSL 2016 Annual Spring Conference Call for Lightning Talks

 Call for Lightning Talk breakout session presenters  

The NETSL Annual Spring Conference will be held Friday April 8, 2016 at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.

The NETSL Executive Board is looking for presenters to give lightning talks (7-minute presentations) on technical services related subjects.

Deadline to propose a talk: Friday, March 11, 2016

Submit a talk proposal to Outreach Coordinator William Shakalis


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Congratulations to the new NETSL Executive Board members!

The results are in and here is the NETSL 2015-2016 Executive Board. Welcome new members and welcome back to continuing members. The new board term starts in October. Congratulations to all!

Presidents – Christine Eslao Fernsebner, Harvard University & Wheat Meier, Yale University
Past President – Christine Pesch Richardson, Yale University
Vice President/President Elect – Kari Swanson, Southern Connecticut State University
Secretary – Meghan Banach Bergin, University of Massachusetts
Treasurer – Alana Verminski, University of Vermont
Archivist – Cason Snow, University of Maine
Outreach Officer – William Shakalis, Worcester State University
Local Arrangements – Mary Moran, College of the Holy Cross
Members-at-Large – Elise Daniel, University of New Hampshire & Beata Panagopoulos, Suffolk University

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Remember to vote for the NETSL Executive Board

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to vote for the NETSL 2015/2016 Executive Board. Voting is open to NETSL members only so if you are a member, you should have received a link to vote.

Voting closes August 21, 2015

The NETSL Board thanks you for voting!

Elise Daniel
NETSL Outreach Coordinator

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Voting opens for 2015/2016 NETSL Executive Board

It’s time to vote for elected positions on the NETSL 2015/2016 Executive Board. Voting is open to NETSL members only so be on the lookout for an email with a link to vote!

Voting closes August 21, 2015

The NETSL Board thanks you for voting!

Elise Daniel
NETSL Outreach Coordinator

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Update on Executive Board elections

Elections for the Executive Board are being slightly rescheduled. Balloting will begin on July 15th, 2015 and end on August 15, 2015. New Board members will be announced in late August.

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NETSL Executive Board openings and elections

The NETSL Executive Board is currently looking for a Vice-President/President Elect, a Treasurer, an Outreach Coordinator, and an Archivist. Position terms run from October to October and officially begin at the NELA Annual Conference in late October. For a description of the NETSL Board positions, please see our Job Descriptions page at:

The deadline for candidates’ name submissions is June 26, 2015. Elections will be held in July.

For more information, or to nominate or express interest, please email

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2015 NETSL Conference Presentations

Keynote address
“The Seven Practices for Highly Effective Librarians in the 21st Century.”
Speaker: José-Marie Griffiths, Vice President for Academic Affairs & University Professor, Bryant University.

Jose-Marie Griffiths

Morning breakout sessions
Title: BIBFRAME Basics
Presenter: Amber Billey, Catalog/Metadata Librarian, University of Vermont
Program description: Learn the basics of BIBFRAME in this entertaining session that will cover the theory and practice of this new and evolving cataloging standard. Topics include: BIBFRAME framework development history, foundations of linked data, BIBFRAME model and vocabulary, and BIBFRAME testing and implementation.


Title: Moving to the Open World: it’s not as scary as it sounds
Presenter: Diane Hillmann, Consultant, Metadata Management Associates
Program description: Libraries have lived comfortably in the closed world of MARC for nearly 50 years. But bibliographic data creation in our current closed world is expensive, and becoming less sustainable by the day. In the open world of linked data on the Web, we have the capability of sharing with a world beyond libraries, building data of value in an increasingly diverse environment. What are our challenges as we head in this new direction?


Title: Informing Collection Decisions with Massive Analysis

Presenter: Joelle Thomas, User Experience & Media Technologies Librarian, University of Connecticut
Program description: For nearly a decade, UConn Libraries subscribed to both Web of Science and Scopus, a decision made in part to enable an in-depth analysis of the two products and determine which is most cost-effective and best meets our user needs. To make this decision, we launched a Massive Analysis Project (MAP) to bring together massive amounts of quantitative and qualitative data comparing Scopus and Web of Science to each other, as well as to the freely available Google Scholar. This session will detail the process of planning and running our MAP, the types of analysis we employed, and how we used our wealth of information to arrive at our recommendation.

Informing Collection Decisions with Massive Analysis

Title: Digitization: What you need to know about outsourcing
Presenters: Caitlyn Lam, Librarian for Digital Resources, Yale Law Library, Yale University, and Tom McMurdo, Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian , Vermont Department of Libraries
Program description: Whether you are digitizing a small collection of photos or a massive trove of documents on microfilm, you will need to decide if this is something that you want to in-house or outsource to a third party. This presentation will highlight key factors influencing these decisions and subsequent workflow of a digitization project, from project proposal to planning and implementation. Tom McMurdo, Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian from the Vermont Department of Libraries, will discuss his experience with the National Digital Newspaper Program, and will include some key points that will generalize to any digitization project. Caitlyn Lam, Librarian for Digital Resources at the Yale Law Library, will discuss the application of project management principles to planning and implementing digitization of a collection of rare notebooks from former students of the Litchfield Law School.

Digitization, Lam

Digitization, McMurdo

Afternoon breakout sessions:
Title: How to Effectively Communicate with Techies
Presenter: Helen Linda. Library Systems & Technical Services Librarian, Goddard College.
Program description: Learn simple tips & tools for creating IT & systems interactions that are smooth, fast, & friendly. Helen Linda, Library Systems & Technical Services Librarian at Goddard College in Central Vermont, has a foot in both IT and library. She’ll share with you the types of things that she prefers when problems & ideas are reported, as well as things her fellow techies have shared. By the end of this session, you will have concrete examples and tools to try so that you will be the library hero for your IT & systems person or department.

How To Effectively Communicate With Techies

Title: Retaining and Preserving the Scholarly Record: An Update on the Eastern Academics Scholars’ Trust [EAST] Project.
Presenter: Susan Stearns, Executive Director, Boston Library Consortium
Program description: The Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust [EAST] Project grew out of a Mellon Foundation funded planning project initiated by Five Colleges, Inc. in 2012/2013. During this planning phase, over 100 librarians from academic and research libraries across the Northeast came together to discuss how best to evolve a program focused on the retention and preservation of scholarly materials, particularly print monographs. This presentation will provide an update on the status of the EAST Project, which is now housed at the Boston Library Consortium [BLC], including details of the planned implementation which, assuming funding is approved, will commence in June, 2015. The implementation of EAST includes a large-scale analysis of the monograph collections of over 30 Northeast libraries representing some 20 million titles. This analysis sub-project, which will be undertaken in conjunction with Sustainable Collection Services, will be described as will the EAST Project’s plans for ongoing retention of both monographs and serials. Ms. Stearns will also discuss how EAST may evolve in the context of other regional and national print retention and preservation programs.

Susan Stearns is the Executive Director of the Boston Library Consortium having joined the BLC in August of 2013. She is a librarian by training with an AB from Mount Holyoke College and an MLS from Simmons College. After an early career spent in both academic and corporate libraries, Ms. Stearns held a number of marketing, product management, and strategic positions at software companies that serve libraries including CLSI, Faxon Research Services [FRS], Northernlight Technologies, Gaylord Information Systems, InMagic and, most recently, Ex Libris.

Retaining and Preserving the Scholarly Record

Title: CTW’s Shared DDA Program
Presenters: Joe Frawley, Technical Services/Systems Librarian, Connecticut College, Todd Falkowski, Catalog Librarian, Trinity College,, and Aaron Sandoval, Monographic Acquisitions Librarian/Coordinator of Collection Development, Wesleyan University
Program description: This session will focus on the shared DDA (Demand Drive Acquisitions) program of the CTW Library Consortium (Connecticut College-Trinity College-Wesleyan University), and the various ways it is managed at each library. We will present background information on how the program was created with EBL as our DDA provider, along with a discussion of technical services workflows using the Voyager ILS. Presentation will include overviews of the MARC record management routines and acquisitions procedures which have evolved to manage the program.

CTW’s Shared DDA Program

Title: Lightning Talks. 

Rachel Gravel, Technical Services Librarian, Marlboro College – “Improving Bibliographic Record Display in an Open-Source ILS”

Rachel Gravel

Lisa Ladd, Library Collections Specialist, Dartmouth College – “Library Collections Review in the Digital Age: Collaborate, Disseminate and Eliminate”

Lisa Ladd PPT    Lisa Ladd, Kresge Library Collections Review Step by Step

Lisa Ladd, Library Collections Review in the Digital Age-NETSL talk 0315 xml

Alex Lent, Director, Millis Public Library – “Cataloging Unusual Items for your Library”

Alex Lent 025.28 LENT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Chris Markman, Academic Technology Specialist, Clark University – “Cybersecurity Risk Management for Public Libraries: Weapons of Mass Instruction”

Chris Markman

Anna Popp, Advisor & Liaison to Special Libraries, MA Library System – “Collection Analysis: Using Data in Print Collection Management”

Anna Popp

Congratulations to the 2015 recipient of the NETSL Award for Excellence in Technical Services Glenn Grube, Director, Avon Free Public Library, Avon, CT!

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